Rooster Ranch Wings & Clays

Located in Newman, CA

When I was planning my trip to shoot in the 2005 CA State Sporting Clays Championship I realized that I'd be passing right by Rooster Ranch in Newman CA. And who am I to pass up a chance to shoot at a new club?

I called them and found out they'd be open just about the time I'd be getting there. I arrived an hour early, but they were nice enough to open for me. Everybody was really friendly and Judy got me setup with a trapper.

They've got sporting clays, trap & skeet, 5-stand and bird hunting. Their clays course has 12 stations with 2 machines at each station. What Rooster Ranch lacks in "flash", they more then makeup for in challenging targets and friendly people. I didn't have too much trouble shooting the stations as report pairs, but when I switched to true pairs, I saw the beauty in them. Most of the course is flat, with a fair amount of trees and a little water.

All in all I had a good time, but I needed to continue on to Camanche Hills, so off I went. If you're near the Bay Area, give these guys a try. You won't be sorry.

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