Raahauge's Shooting Enterprises

Located in Corona, CA

If it’s 75 and sunny outside, it must be Raahauge’s Holiday Fun Shoot. I always look forward to Raahauge’s Holiday Fun Shoot. It’s usually nice outside plus we collect new shoes for an organization called “Shoes That Fit” and new toys for the “Hillview Children’s Home”, this year was no different.

After bringing in my toys & shoes, I signed up. I met the people I was shooting with in the parking lot and we gathered our gear.

Lunch was OK, burgers, chili, bbq-ed tri tip, and salad… A minor glitch with the scoring slowed things down. At first they were going to have shoot-offs, then they decided to auction off the tiebreakers with the money going to the two charities.

One word about the targets, whoever set them, did a good job. They were challenging but fair. Most of my group usually shoots in the mid 70s but today all any of us could manage was high 50s and low 60s. I think HOA was an 89.

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