Picacho Sporting Club

Located in Picacho, AZ

It's kinda' in the middle of nowhere, but it's worth the drive. Picacho Sporting Clays is about an hour North of Tucson. It's a rustic looking course with an old west feel. It's set in a dry wash, with lots of old cars, old west wagons, sun bleached animal bones and even a hangman's noose.

It's a 10-station walking course. The stations are kind of close together, which is strange because they own about 1200 acres. Somebody mentioned that they have a lot of older winter visitors (snow birds) shoot there, so that may be the reason.

At each station you shoot a report pair, a following pair, a reverse report pair and 2 true pair. The target presentations were fun and challenging. Most of the targets are in close and I shot SKT / IC on the whole course.

I shot with a nice group of guys this past Sunday at their Monthly Fun Shoot. It's held the first Sunday of every month. Only one guy was crying like a little girl about how hot it was, wait a second, that was me.

Everybody was VERY friendly there, and my girl friend raved about the BBQ beef sandwich she had for lunch.

Update: They're still open, but don't have a website

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