Oak Tree Gun Club

Located in Newhall, CA

I shot in the first annual Oak Tree Gun Club "Manufacturers Shootout". 150 shooters gathered to shoot different guns from different manufacturers at a 10 station, 100-bird event.

At every station each manufacturer had an assortment of their guns to choose from. There were also manufacturer's reps to give you information and answer any questions. Most of the manufacturers had 12ga O/Us and semi-autos. A few had 20ga and youth models as well. Browning and Beretta seemed to have the biggest displays and may have been the major sponsors.

So in addition to shooting a fun and challenging event, you got to try out guns from Browning, Beretta, Weatherby, SKB, Remington, HK, SigArms & Verona. Winchester, PMC and Estate provided all the ammo.

After shooting we had a BBQ lunch and an awards ceremony. I didn't stick around to get my score, but I haven't gotten any phone calls yet.

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