They really are the friendliest club in Southern CA

If it's 80 and sunny outside, it must be Moore-N-Moore's December registered shoot. If everything is running smoothly and I'm having fun and eating prime rib, it must be Moore-N-Moore's December registered shoot.

57 shooters gathered on a beautiful day in San Fernando, CA to participate in the last M-N-M registered shoot of the year. M-N-M holds two shoots a month, one that’s registered and one that’s Lewis Class.

They have 12 stations and most have both “A” & “B” shooting positions. Sometimes we shoot both of them; sometimes we shoot just the “B”s, but today we shot just the “A”s.

I was joined by two of my buddies that shoot at other clubs in So. Cal but had never been to M-N-M. When we pulled into the parking lot their first words were, “WOW”. Little did they know how much fun they were in for.

Registration went smoothly and we got our gear.  M-N-M does 5-man squad-ing and you can start at any station you want, but once you start they ask that you don’t jump around. This seems to work out very well as we encountered little to no waits at any of the stations.

The targets were fun and challenging with a good mix of singles, report pairs and true pairs. At station one and two we shot ten birds each.  Then at the next ten stations, we shot eight birds each. I started off pretty well, 8, 9, 8 but then I went back to the old Brad, 5, 6, 3. When it was all over how did I do?

Well once again if I could have shot a “27” at the last station I could have won HOA, but I shot a five for a 73 which was good enough for fourth place in “D” class. You know what they say, always a bridesmaid and never a bride (and don’t kid yourself, I’d look damn cute if I was wearing a bridesmaid’s dress).

After we finished shooting they held the shoot-offs and then it was on to lunch. For lunch we had prime rib, baked potatoes, salad and dessert. How many times can I eat a prime rib lunch? As many times as they serve it, it was delicious.

I did better in the raffle then I did on the course. I won a tee shirt, a hat, some ammo and a jar of peppers. When I asked my friends what they thought of their first M-N-M shoot, their only words were “WOW”, “When can we come back”.

So if I had such a nice time why is this my last review of M-N-M? Because the 2004 shooting season is over, I can’t wait for the 2005 season to begin.

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