Desert Lake Country Club

Located in Boulder City, NV

Gambling & shooting & raining oh my! Shooting in the freezing rain usually isnít much fun. Staying up late, gambling & drinking usually is a lot of fun. Combine the two and youíve got me shooting the Desert Lake Prelim in the freezing rain, feeling like crap, with six bucks in my pocket.


I arrived at the Desert Lake CC about 1:00pm. They were calling for rain on Friday & Saturday but Thursday looked good. Everybody was friendly and Lois Lessing was doing her magic. I checked in without any problems and they asked if I wanted to shoot a practice round. Anytime I can shoot a round of 100 at a first class range like DLCC for $25 Iím in.

Desert Lake is a fun and challenging course set in the mountains just south of Henderson NV. Theyíve got 20 stations and two 5-stands. Every station has a covered gazebo with a gun rack, benches and water. Itís all connected by a nicely paved cart path. Theyíve also got a really nice club house with a shooters lounge, fireplace, meeting rooms and a full bar.

I grabbed my gear and headed to station one. I met up with four guys that were on their second round. I asked if I could join them and they agreed. They were friendly guys, but one of them looked vaguely familiar. Where had I seen him before, at another tournament, in a sporting clays magazine? No now I remember, it was dancing on the hood of a race car. It was none other then former race car driver Willy T. Ribbs.

After we made our introductions we got back to shooting, and these guys could shoot. We shot most of the course and these guys were smoking me, even Willyís young son Theo was out shooting me. Watch out for this youngster in the future.

About 3/4 of the way thru we were joined by Joe Kennedy. I know Joe from shooting with him last year. It turns out Joe, Willy, Theo, Jim & James are all from the bay area and shoot together. After our round was over we decided to shoot a round of 5-stand. For some reason now I could do no wrong. I was smoking difficult pairs with ease. With my confidence restored I was done for the day and ready for tomorrow (I thought).

We went back to Jimís motor home for some adult beverages. After the required round of post shooting B.S. we made plans to meet up for dinner. I got to the Sunset a little early and sat down at one of the tables. This time I had a plan and it worked perfectly (for the casino). We had a nice dinner and went our separate ways. It was early so I decided to see if I could win back some of the money I lost.


3:00am: It's already raining, I know this because I looked out my hotel room window when I got in.

6:30am: Somebody is in my room screaming GET UP, GET UP, GET UP. Oh, it's my wakeup call. I got up, got dressed and was at the range by 7:30.

It was already cold, windy and raining. Luckily I have some good quality rain gear, unluckily I had left it at home. I met up with Randy & Broc Kyhn and off we went. We hooked up with the rest of our squad and started the day. I was wearing a $3 poncho I bought at WalMart the day before. You get what you pay for and it was useless after 2 stations.

Now let me say I'm more of a shorts & tee shirt kind of guy, and I was WAY underdressed for shooting in the cold & rain. The course was set well with some interesting presentations. I used SK & IC for most of it, actually halfway thru due to the cold & rain I could no longer feel my fingers and couldn't change chokes.

I was cold and wet and it was getting worse. I was missing some easy stuff. Our score sheets were completely soaked and we stopped using them. We just gave our shooter numbers to the pullers and they kept score for us. Thankfully we stopped at the club house and I went inside to dry off. I stood by the fire and drank some hot chocolate, but then it was back out to finish up our last stations. By then I didn't even care anymore. I just wanted to get dry and have something warm to drink.

By the time the noon flight went out it was still raining but not as windy and I think a little warmer (not much). Since I didn't have my score sheet I had no idea how I did. I was hoping to break 50, I shot a 64.

I was surprised to see how high the scores were. A 90 in "D" class is tough to beat on a nice day let alone in the rain. Jon Kruger shot a 99 to win the Prelim. Well, I guess I need to practice more and take some lessons AND BRING MY FRIGGIN' RAIN GEAR NEXT TIME.

Will I be at their next shoot? It's getting kind of expensive to go up there. $200 at the Sunset, $100 at the RailRoad Pass, $150 at the Olympic Gardens, not to mention the entry fee and hotels.

Sure, I had fun and I'll be up there for the Hollywood Celebrity Shoot in June. Brad

P.S. I met a good looking cocktail waitress in the casino and by 3:30am she was pounding on my hotel room door...but I wouldn't let her out. (I heard Dean Martin say that in Vegas 20 years ago and I still think it's funny)

Update: Now called Desert Hills Shooting Club

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