Upland Hunt Club & Sporting Clays  

Located in Davis Juntion, IL

Upland Hunt Club is located just south of Rockford IL. It's an easy drive from Chicago, where I always seem to find myself.

I was lucky enough to be in town when they were holding their monthly tournament. I teamed up with Tom Dever and Dan Rivera, and we drove out. UHC has 18 stations set in a lush, green setting. Owner and target setter Mike McInerney has tons of elevation changes to work with, and he uses them all.

Even with all the terrain, the course is still easily walkable. The targets were challenging, but fair. It wasn't anybody's fault but mine that I missed birds. The course featured birds over water, in valleys, and rabbits in a small meadow.

After the tournament, in honor of Father's Day, Mike treated everybody to lunch. As is customary at clubs in the Midwest, the scores were posted on the internet the next day.

Even though Chicago is rabidly anti gun, Upland Hunt Club is a nice respite from their nonsensical gun laws. If you're in the Midwest, stop in and see them, (Upland, not Chicago) you'll be glad you did.

P.S. I was born in Chicago, north side, Lawrence and Pulaski. And as much as I enjoy the pizza and hot dogs, the city's gun laws make it very uncomfortable for sportsman to live there.

Even the crabby counter agent, and useless TSA monkey, gave me a hard time at O'Hare when I checked my shotgun through.

But I'll be back at Upland, and you should too.

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