Hunter's Park Game Farm

Located in Brillion, WI

Beers and brats and clays, oh my!!  If Iím drinking Leinieís and eating brats, I can only be one place. Yep, I was in Americaís Dairyland, Wisconsin.

My wife and I were in Door County for a few days. We were there to see the changing fall colors, the quaint little towns, the blah, blah, blahÖI want to shoot clays. Unfortunately ďourĒ schedule only allowed for me to shoot one round. After doing some checking on the web I found out there were no less than six clubs in the Green Bay area. A little more checking of web sites and I decided Hunterís Park was the place for me.

Hunterís Park, while mainly a hunting preserve does have a nice 12-station sporting clays course. The day I arrived was a picture perfect fall day. The trees were ablaze with the changing fall colors, the air was cool and the sun was warm. While I was there they were putting the finishing touches on their impressive new clubhouse. It should be finished by the time you read this and itís really nice.

Since I had never been there before, Tim Reed (local hunting and sporting clays legend) was nice enough to shoot a round with me. Being in the woods was a treat; shooting clays just made it that much better. Each of the stations has three menus to choose from and two shooting positions. The first eight stations were in the trees. With the leaves being orange, green and yellow and the targets being orange, green and yellow it presented a challenge I wasnít used to, but it sure was beautiful. Station nine was the tower shot. You actually climb half way up the tower and the birds are thrown from above and below you. The last three stations were out in the open with the last two being over what was left of the pond. Iím sure with a little more rain it will fill back up. They threw a god mix of targets and I had fun.

After our round, we relaxed in the clubhouse for a few minutes before heading out to their lighted 5-stand.

All in all I had a fun time and really enjoyed shooting there. I must not be the only one because Hunterís Park has been chosen to host the 2008 Wisconsin State Shoot. Greg VanDenPlas told me theyíre planning a lot more improvements before then.

If youíre in Green Bay to watch the Bears spank the Packers, stop in and shoot a round, Iím sure youíll enjoy it.

Update: Now called Triple J Wing & Clays

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