Green Acres Sportsman’s Club 

Located in Roberts, IL

While Green Acres is best known for their hunting and hunting dogs they also have a sporting clays course, and a challenging one at that. Home of the 2004 IL State Sporting Clays Championship it’s easy to see why this course is a local favorite.

I was on my way down state and decided to stop in and pay them a visit. The first thing that hits you is how green the place is (that must be why they call it Green Acres). Located in the middle of farm country with a nice clubhouse, lots of trees and a pond, it’s really picturesque.

I checked in and even though I was the only person there to shoot, they hooked me up with a puller and out we went. He explained to me that they only have ten stations but each of them has an “A” and “B” shooting position. In addition, eight of the ten stations have a “Super Sporting” format which means they have three machines each..

As I shot I found they have a good mix of targets, some below your feet, others up in the air. Some stations even had elevated shooting boxes. The format I shot was their “Competition” menu, which meant five birds from “A” and five birds from ”B”. Just about the time you get a bird dialed in, it was time to move.

A nice thing about having two shooting stations and three machines is that you can tailor the course as soft or as hard as you want it. Everybody there was friendly and I had a good time.

They are a little ways south of Chicago but they are worth the drive. Go there and shoot, you won’t be sorry.

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