South Florida Shooting Club

Located in Palm City, FL

A wonk like me never gets a chance to have lunch with Donald Trump or drinks with Sir Richard Branson. But I shot at a club today that either one of them would feel right at home. To say South Florida Shooting Club is "First Class", would be an understatement.

General Manager Doug Vine told me that after seven years and a SIZEABLE investment, SFSC is open for business.

Sitting on one square mile of land, SFSC boasts an incredible 11,000 square foot clubhouse, trap, skeet, 5-stand, and 38 challenging sporting clays stations. SFSC is a private club with a capped membership. After being open for just two short weeks, they're already over half way to their cap. That's how nice it really is.

Vine was kind enough to give me a preview of this Saturday's NSCA event (that's open to all NSCA members).

WOW, did I already mention this place is incredible? We started out on some easy stations, and the first thing you notice is this isn't like most of the other clubs in So Flo. While making good use of the natural terrain, most of the stations are out in the open. Even though the course is relatively flat, it's approximately three miles around. If you're in good shape you can walk it, but I was happy to have a cart (and drink plenty of water).

As we progressed through the course Vine told me of future plans to hold some big fundraiser events, and bid for some bigger NSCA events (I see a State, Zone, US Open in their future)

All of the targets presentations were well thought out and very hittable if you do your job. We ended the day in the "pit" which simulates a driven grouse hunt in England. After hitting just five out of fifteen, I guess I pass on the trip to England.

Don't miss your chance to experience what's destined to become So Flo's premier sporting clays course.

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