Schrader's Bridgetown Manor

(Formerly Chesapeake Clays)

Located in Henderson, MD

Shooting here was probably the most fun I've ever had shooting sporting clays. This place is GREAT!!

I was lucky enough to hook up with Bill and Bob (2 nice guys I met at J&P) and they showed me the ropes. Daryl was our trapper and he may be the funniest guy Iíve ever met, but donít kid yourself, this man can throw some targets. He'll suck you in with close ones, and then kill you with tower shots. Rabbits, teals, minis, poison birds, crossers, tower shots, they've got them all. Like I said, it was the most fun I've ever had shooting sporting clays.

They have 30+ stations and most of them have both manual and auto traps. The course has 2 sections, an "in the woods" section and an "out by the pond" section. Daryl threw some challenging targets that really made me work and I loved it. I shot IC & LT. Mod and it seemed about right (except for that damned tower).

Their website doesn't really show their sporting clays course, but trust me; this place is NOT to be missed.

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