Rock Mountain Sporting Clays

Located in Meshoppen, PA

You’ve got to shoot Rock Mountain, you’ve got to shoot Rock Mountain. For years I’ve heard that on Well, this past September I did just that. And you know what? All the people that have been saying that were right. It’s an incredible place. Lush green forests, gentle rolling hills and granite outcroppings all await you, and that’s just on the drive out there from Philly. It’s definitely “off the beaten path” (way off) but it is well worth the drive.

Owners Mike and Susan Koneski have 17 stations waiting for you, all in a postcard like setting. When I arrived, Mike generously offered to shoot a round with me. He explained that all of the stations have “A” and “B” shooting positions. As we shot our way around the course, I found myself really enjoying the targets. I like the fact that you could make the course as hard or as soft as you wanted, just by changing shooting positions.

When we were about ¾ of the way around, Gary Bloom joined us. Gary must have shot sporting clays before, because he did pretty well. He even managed to win a few (6) coffees from Mike. Our round ended much too quickly, and I was on my way back to Philly. Like everyone on says, you’ve got to shoot Rock Mountain, you’ve got to shoot Rock Mountain.

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