Port of The Islands Gun Club

Located in Naples, FL

Since I already shot two clubs on the east coast of FL (Markham Park & South Florida Shooting Club), I decided to try one on the west coast, and I'm glad I did.

Port of The Islands Gun Club is just east of Naples FL, but easily accessible from Ft Lauderdale or Palm Beach via the Alligator Alley, (and yes I did see alligators).

I got kind of a late start. It was 1:00pm by the time my uncle and I got there. After a GREAT lunch from "Chef Paul" we hit the course. And a word about lunch, finally a gun club that gets it. Good food at a more than reasonable price KEEPS THE SHOOTER THERE. Guess what, if I go out for lunch I'm not coming back. Plus it was a good burger.

When we hit the course at 1:45 we were the only two people out there. We started out at station one. An incredibly beautiful spot where the river bends. Actually the entire course is in the dense everglades. This time of year the weather was nice and cool.

I found the targets interesting and challenging with good use of the terrain. My 76 year old uncle said, "I haven't shot a shotgun since I went pheasant hunting 40 years ago", than he broke two pair.

I really enjoyed this place and I can see why the local do too.

Before I give you the link to my pictures I just want to say, that even though nobody is smiling in them, everybody was VERY friendly and accommodating.

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