The Rod & Gun Club at Pocono Manor

Located in Pocono Manor, PA

I had heard a lot about the Pocono Manor Rod and Gun Club, and since I was heading down from Rock Mountain back to Philly, I decided to stop in and shoot a quick round.

First let me say that PM is a top-rated golf resort. They've got golf, fishing, horse back riding, sporting clays and more. Which one do you think I was interested in?

After checking in I hopped in my golf cart and headed to the range (you need a golf cart). It's about a mile and ½ from the club house to station one. Once you get on the range there are huge elevation changes from station to station. Having a cart made it a LOT easier on an out-of-shape guy like me.

It was late in the day so I had most of the course to myself. I did meet up with a father and son team on station 10, and we shot the rest of the course together.

Currently they have 16 stations there. Who ever said they were throwing "skeet in the woods" was wrong. The targets were still set up from the Pocono Manor Classic, and they were every bit as challenging as any tournament I've been to. They made good use of the terrain and I found the targets interesting.

As we finished station 16, I noticed that tire on my cart had come off the rim. Luckily my cell phone worked out there and a quick call to the office had a new cart on the way.

Pocono Manor is a good place with challenging targets and interesting terrain. If you're in the area, stop in, you'll enjoy it.

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