M & M Hunting

Located in Pennsville, NJ

I was hot, I was tired and I was nearing the end of a 7-day shooting vacation. All I wanted to do was shoot one more place and go home. My schedule put me at M&M for the last day. Some may say I saved the best for last (they may have been right).

I showed up at M&M first thing in the morning and once again I was shooting by myself. Anthony showed me how to use the trap controller. Whatever brand they use, it is the best one out there. I was able to set it up for a ďsimulatedĒ report pair (3-second delay, trap 1, 3-second delay, trap 2). I could also throw true pairs and even following pairs when I wanted too.

I had never been there before and I had a hard time finding station 1. It wasnít too well marked so I had to go back to the clubhouse and have somebody show me the way. Once I got started, WOW, this place really is great.

The first part of the course is in a THICK forest, and I mean THICK. It was so thick that my glasses kept fogging up from the humidity (and the fact that Iím a fat, out of shape old-guy, didnít help). After the forest you move out into the open part of the course.  I donít mean open like in an open field, I mean a really picturesque opening in the forest. They have some fun and challenging stations. Each one has 3 shooting positions.

They recently held the Delaware River Classic there and they still had the stations set up. I shot most of them and it must have been a fun tournament. I only shot the stations on the right hand side of the road due to time, but trust me, they still challenged me.  Of all the places I shot, this one is definitely near the top. If youíre in the Philly area, donít miss M&M.

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