Markham Park Sporting Clays

Located in Sunrise, FL

While my friends Buffy and Muffy were at the Polo Grounds in Wellington, I decided to sneak away and shoot a round of clays. Man was I glad I did.

Markham Park is a county run facility that has trap, skeet, and for the men, sporting clays :)

I was lucky enough to be squadded with Phil, Bill, Larry and Tony. Not an overly sensitive group, but I'm not an overly sensitive guy.

14 stations, challenging targets, and friendly people. On station six, Tony had a mechanical malfunction when his gun jammed, Larry had a mechanical malfunction when his gun went "click", and I had a mental malfunction when I missed a bunch of "easy" incomers.

Lunch was great (lasagna) but I had to leave early for "Da Bears" game, and I'm glad I did. I'm here for a few more weeks, so I'll hook up with you guys this weekend.

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