Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays

Located in Coplay, PA

Only one word can describe this place, WOW!! I had heard about how "cool" this place was to shoot at, but I had no idea what to expect.

The course is laid out around an old limestone quarry and it is very unique. They have 16 stations, each with an "A" & "B" shooting position. Now they're not just different shooting positions, they actually have 3 or 4 machines at each station so you get a totally different presentation from each one. You start out shooting into the old quarry pit, which is now filled with water. It's just beautiful with some of the birds coming from across the water and others coming from the sides. Then you move into the old quarry buildings. It's pretty cool shooting in and around the old buildings. I even managed to break a bird between the twin smoke stacks (don't ask me how). Then it's into the trees and finally out into the open.

Throughout our entire round we didn't experience any broken birds and only the rabbit machine was down (but they were working on it). Everybody I met there was super nice and Ed was even kind enough to let us shoot with him. I'd say it's a "don't miss" place.

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