J & P Hunting Lodge

Located in Sudlersville, MD

I was pleasantly surprised by J & P. Their website looked like all of their stations are out in the open, but that's not the case.

I was lucky enough to hook up with the "Wednesday Gang" to shoot with. These are a nice bunch of guys that get together every Wednesday to shoot (and give each other a hard time). Talk about friendly, they really made me feel welcome. 2 of them (Bill & Bob) were even nice enough to take me to another clays club down the road after we were done shooting (we shot Chesapeake next).

They have a good mix of out in the open shots and in the woods shots. Although most of the targets are in pretty close, they do throw a good mix. I think they only use manual traps, so that may be why. They have 23 or so stations and Skeet & IC should be about right.

Although I only shot 50 here, I could tell why it's so popular.

Update: Now closed

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