Hopkins Game Farm

Located in Kennedyville, MD

Certain disaster was narrowly avoided!! Wherever I shot in MD everybody always said the same thing, “You’ve got to shoot Hopkins”.

I called ahead of time to make sure they’d be open. They said they were going to be, however during the week they didn’t have any trappers and their machines couldn’t be setup with a delay. I figured I would just show up and shoot with somebody already there, I figured wrong. They were open and the place was beautiful but the only people out on the course were just finishing up.

I was desperate, I didn’t want to come all this way and not shoot Hopkins. I even offered to pay for someone’s round if they’d shoot with me, no luck. Then one of the young ladies working behind the counter remembered “Walt”.  Walt is a local shooter who is always looking for an excuse to shoot. Walt showed up 15 minutes later and we shot a round. And what a round it was, it was great.

They’ve got woods, they’ve got open areas, and they’ve got ravines, all in a beautifully manicured setting. It’s more like a walk in a nice park then a sporting clays range. If Walt wasn’t there I would have missed a few of the “hidden” stations (not to mention I couldn’t have shot). We did encounter a few stations where only one machine worked, but that didn’t slow us down.

They threw some fun and challenging targets. Some of them looked pretty easy, but for some reason I just couldn’t hit ‘em. I had a great time, Walt was a super nice guy, and everybody was right. You’ve got to shoot Hopkins.

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